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In today’s article, we will take a closer look at one of our recent projects – the disinfection of the website The client approached us with a serious security issue and restricted access to the site’s resources. Below, we present our analysis of the problem and the solutions applied.

Our task was to address two main issues. Firstly, the website was infected, causing significant security problems. Secondly, some users had limited access to key resources, such as training materials, and there was a need to translate certain elements of the site into Polish.

Infection and Plugins: We conducted a detailed analysis of the site and identified infected plugins. As a result, many WordPress files were deleted. We restored the missing files, and the infected plugins were removed. Instead, we installed alternative plugins or updated them to the latest secure versions.

Access Unlocking: We removed restrictions on access to key resources on the site, allowing users to access training materials and knowledge.

Case Study: Website Disinfection and Software Improvement at

Translation into Polish: We identified missing and untranslated elements of the site, translating them into Polish, improving the overall usability of the site for Polish-speaking users.

Backup and Monitoring: At the end of the project, we created a comprehensive backup of the site. Additionally, we implemented a regular monitoring system that scans the site for potential virus threats.

Thanks to our efforts, the site has been disinfected, secured, and enhanced for functionality. Unlocking access to resources and translating into Polish have significantly improved the user experience. Regular monitoring and the created backup ensure the long-term stability and security of the site.

In our work, we always prioritize comprehensive solutions, aiming not only to solve the problem but also to increase the efficiency and usability of our clients’ websites.