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At, we encountered a common challenge: our existing website had outdated design and functionality, hindering user experience and online visibility. After thorough analysis, we identified the need for a comprehensive redesign and platform migration to WordPress.

Our old website was outdated, with a clunky interface and limited features. It failed to effectively showcase our services and engage users, resulting in low conversion rates and poor online presence.

Through extensive research and feedback gathering, we pinpointed key issues such as slow loading times, poor navigation, and outdated visuals. These problems were detrimental to our brand image and hindered our ability to acquire and retain customers.

Case Study: – New Full Website Project and WordPress Implementation

To address these challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive website redesign project. We collaborated with a team of experienced developers and designers to create a modern, user-friendly interface. Our new website features streamlined navigation, faster loading times, and responsive design, ensuring optimal user experience on all devices. Additionally, we migrated our website to WordPress, leveraging its powerful features and user-friendly interface for seamless management and updates.

The transformation of has been nothing short of remarkable. With our new website, we have significantly improved user engagement, conversion rates, and online visibility. The decision to migrate to WordPress has proved invaluable, allowing us to efficiently manage our website and adapt to evolving industry trends. We are thrilled with the results and excited to continue providing exceptional services to our customers in the digital realm.

The Fundacja Rozwoju Jastrzębiej Góry (FRJG) approached our team at Tomsky with a request to revamp their existing website, The foundation aimed to enhance its online presence, improve user experience, and better showcase its initiatives and projects to the public.

The previous website suffered from several issues, including outdated design, lack of responsiveness, and difficulties in content management. Additionally, the site did not effectively communicate the foundation’s mission and activities, hindering its ability to engage with stakeholders and attract support.

Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the existing website, considering user feedback, industry best practices, and the foundation’s goals. We identified key areas for improvement, such as modernizing the design, optimizing for mobile responsiveness, and streamlining content organization.

Case Study: Redesigning the Fundacja Rozwoju Jastrzębiej Góry Website Using WordPress

To address these challenges, we proposed a complete redesign of using the WordPress platform. We crafted a sleek and visually appealing design that reflected the foundation’s brand identity and values. By leveraging WordPress’s flexibility and scalability, we ensured the website would be easy to manage and update in the future. We also implemented responsive design principles to ensure a seamless browsing experience across all devices.

Additionally, we restructured the site’s navigation and content layout to highlight the foundation’s initiatives, projects, and impact stories prominently. Through strategic placement of calls-to-action and donation opportunities, we aimed to encourage visitor engagement and support for FRJG’s mission.

The revamped website has successfully addressed the foundation’s challenges and goals. The modern design and user-friendly interface provide a more engaging experience for visitors, resulting in increased traffic and longer time spent on the site. Furthermore, the improved content organization and clear messaging have enhanced the foundation’s ability to communicate its mission and achievements effectively.

Overall, the collaboration between FRJG and Tomsky on this WordPress-based website redesign has been a success, demonstrating the power of strategic digital solutions in advancing organizational objectives and creating positive impact in the community.

KPW Legal, a law firm specializing in intellectual property, faced limitations with their existing website. Their previous platform lacked flexibility and failed to reflect the professionalism and expertise of their legal services. Additionally, the site struggled with slow loading times and outdated design elements, hindering user engagement and SEO performance.

After thorough analysis, it became evident that the outdated website was negatively impacting KPW Legal‘s online reputation and ability to attract new clients. The lack of responsiveness and modern features made it difficult for users to navigate the site effectively, resulting in a poor user experience and low conversion rates. Moreover, the slow loading times were detrimental to their search engine rankings, reducing visibility and organic traffic.

To address these challenges, we proposed a comprehensive solution centered around migrating KPW Legal‘s website to the WordPress platform. WordPress offered unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and a vast array of customization options that could meet the unique needs of the law firm. We began by conducting in-depth consultations with the KPW Legal team to understand their goals, target audience, and desired functionalities.

Case Study: Revamping KPW Legal’s Online Presence with WordPress

With a clear understanding of their requirements, we developed a customized WordPress website tailored to showcase their expertise and legal services effectively. The new website featured a modern, responsive design optimized for seamless navigation across all devices. We integrated user-friendly navigation menus, clear call-to-action buttons, and interactive elements to enhance user engagement and encourage conversions.

Furthermore, we implemented advanced SEO strategies to improve the site’s visibility and drive organic traffic. This included optimizing page load speeds, implementing schema markup, and conducting keyword research to target relevant search queries effectively. Additionally, we integrated robust security measures and regular maintenance protocols to ensure the website’s performance and safeguard against potential threats.

The migration to WordPress transformed KPW Legal‘s online presence, positioning them as a leading authority in intellectual property law. The new website not only addressed the previous limitations but also provided a platform for future growth and expansion. With its modern design, enhanced functionality, and improved SEO performance, the site has attracted a broader audience and generated increased leads for the law firm.

Overall, the successful collaboration between KPW Legal and our team demonstrates the power of leveraging WordPress to revamp and elevate an organization’s online presence. By focusing on user experience, functionality, and SEO optimization, we were able to deliver a website that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, driving tangible results and fostering long-term success., an online store specializing in sports clothing and accessories, needed a new website that was not only visually appealing but also easy to use and functional. The previous website was unsatisfactory in terms of performance and did not meet customer expectations.

During the problem analysis, several main issues were identified:

Non-intuitive user interface, making navigation difficult.

Slow page loading, leading to customer impatience and increased bounce rate.

Lack of responsiveness, resulting in poor user experiences on mobile devices.

Case Study: Creating a Website for in WordPress

After carefully analyzing the client’s requirements and user needs, it was decided to create a new website using the WordPress platform. The main elements of the solution included:

Modern Design: A new visually appealing design was developed, encouraging interaction and facilitating navigation.

Performance Optimization: Various optimization techniques were applied, such as image compression, caching, and code minification, to ensure fast page loading.

Responsiveness: When designing the website, care was taken to ensure that it looked and worked well on all devices, from computers to smartphones.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Tomsky development team, received a new, functional, and attractive website that attracts customers and provides them with positive shopping experiences. Performance optimization and responsiveness made the website more competitive in the e-commerce market, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Przychodnia Gdynia, a leading healthcare provider, approached us with a common problem in the digital age – an outdated website unable to meet the demands of modern users.

The existing website lacked responsiveness, user-friendly navigation, and failed to represent the professionalism and quality of services offered by Przychodnia Gdynia. This led to a decrease in online visibility, patient engagement, and overall satisfaction.

Through thorough analysis, we identified key areas for improvement, including outdated design elements, lack of mobile responsiveness, and inadequate content organization. Additionally, the absence of online appointment booking and patient education resources contributed to the website’s inefficiency.

Case Study: Revamping Przychodnia Gdynia’s Online Presence

To address these challenges, we proposed a comprehensive solution leveraging WordPress. We designed a modern, mobile-responsive website with intuitive navigation, clear call-to-action buttons, and engaging visuals to enhance user experience. Integration of online appointment booking, patient portal, and educational resources improved accessibility and convenience for patients.

Our team executed the project meticulously, collaborating closely with Przychodnia Gdynia to ensure alignment with their brand identity and requirements. We utilized WordPress to develop a dynamic and scalable website, incorporating SEO best practices for enhanced visibility and searchability.

The successful implementation of the new website revitalized Przychodnia Gdynia‘s online presence, resulting in increased patient engagement, improved satisfaction, and higher conversion rates. By addressing the inherent challenges and delivering a tailored solution, we empowered Przychodnia Gdynia to better serve its patients in the digital era.

Janar Rolety, a company specializing in the production of blinds and shutters, approached us to create a new website. Their existing site was outdated, difficult to navigate, and did not meet customer expectations. Our goal was to design and implement a new, attractive, and functional website that effectively promoted Janar Rolety’ products and services.

The old Janar Rolety website was impractical, had an outdated look, and lacked the necessary functionality. Customers struggled with navigation, and the site was not responsive, leading to the loss of potential customers and a deteriorating brand image.

During the problem analysis, we noticed that the existing site was based on outdated technology, limiting its expandability and updates. The lack of responsiveness made the site difficult to use on mobile devices, which was a significant issue in an era of increasing mobile device usage.

Case Study: Creating a Website for Janar Rolety – WordPress

We decided to design and implement a new website based on the WordPress platform. We utilized modern design and responsive templates to ensure an optimal user experience on all devices. We focused on simple navigation, content readability, and highlighting Janar Rolety‘ key products and services.

Through collaboration with Janar Blinds, we successfully created a new, attractive, and functional website that meets all customer expectations. The new site has brought increased traffic, improved conversions, and enhanced brand image. Janar Rolety can now effectively promote their products and services, attracting more customers and increasing their online presence.